Grassroots climate plan / Klimaplan von unten

the first version of the “grassroots climate plan” is published!
It contains a lot of degrowth ideas…check it out. It is only the first version, the grassroots climate plan is still open for ideas and input for the next one!
Also, some parts are so far only available in German and are still waiting for translation…

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Dear Anne
I have downloaded the climate plan and intend going through it carefully to suggest improvements if any.
We are having a festival at Easter where I hope to have a stall promoting degrowth.

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Hi @jeff,
that’s cool! We wish you good luck with your stall! Maybe you could tell us how it went and post some pictures here?

Dear Anne & Arndt

  I have had a quick look at your climate action plan and have

attached some comments and also the climate action plan for Oz
that the our steady staters have written.

  It seems to me your plan is very comprehensive and well though

out but, and it’s a big “but” as far as I am concerned, you make
mention of personal action but most of the actions depend on
legislation. One the other hand, our group is trying to develop
methods to turn our individual backs on the consumption economy by
adopting voluntary simplicity principles.

  We are in lockdown as probably you are too, so the degrowth day

may be a virtual one.

Stay safe, apart and well.


(Attachment posstepsroyal11ptjustheaderfinaljune12thebooklowres.pdf is missing)

grassroots action plan comments.doc (45 KB)

Dear @Jeff, thanks for your insights! The climate plan is in fact not “our” plan, it was written by everybody who heard about it and felt like giving input. Also, this was only the “first edition” :wink:
By following the “campaign” button in the link I gave and then doing some further clicking, or here directly, you find the wiki where everybody can give their input:

So maybe you would like to put your comments and ideas there directly?
And yes, the degrowth day may have to be more virtual - we are busy putting together some hints and ideas about a virtualisation of the GDD, stay tuned, we will keep everyone informed!

Thanks for taking the time to read it. I will certainly
contribute to the wiki link. Stay healthy.

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