How to add a pad to a discussion?

So, this may be a different topic, but I’d really like to know how to add a pad to our narratives-space? And how to use it?


Or can we only add pads to the cloud?

Hi @Foldin, you can always add a public link to a pad on e.g. a pinned topic/wiki entry here.

I am not sure if I did understand your concrete question or need well. Otherwise please try to describe what you try to achieve and for what purpose, maybe I can help further in that case.

Hi @Foldin,

thanks for asking! You can always create a new pad by appending its desired name to the address, like

Then it remains a matter of linking it somewhere, e.g. in another pad, or in a posting in the Narratives group here, for example.

hi and tnx guys,

@gandhiano we want to move all possible virtual communication and collaboration to agora and related tools, so we don’t switch between Gdocs, emails etc. … in order to do that we need to understand what is at our disposal, and a collaborative pad tool has presented as the next necessity to proceed working

@yala regarding that, I cannot find the option where I can append a chosen name? maybe I’m blind or my mind is :slight_smile:

This post is a wiki post. You can edit it.

Best, thanks for pointing that out. I see you wish to have a simple box as Etherpad does, i.e. It is in the browser address bar, where you can type the name of a resource. In our case you create it, once you land there for the first time. If you don’t need to create a pad on demand, you can also always link to it from here, and have it at your disposal in times of need:

This may also be a way of writing the documentation for us, in preparation of collecting stuff at

You are blazing it off, if you add a pad directly here. For this I have allowed it as a secure <iframe /> source.

<iframe width=690 height=480 src="" />
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Thank you for this walk through!


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Please note that you can now add a pad to a posting simply by adding its address at the beginning of a new line:

Click edit of this wiki post in the bottom right to see the proof.

Note: The pad will be reloaded with every keystroke when typing a post. To omit this effect, you can hide the preview, or temporarily place a space in front of the line containing the link.

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