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Yikes! For me this sounds very exciting. I’m very interested in knowing what you consider communication and collaboration, and how they differ. Is it the different kinds of artefacts, that they produce? The one entities being messages in various streams, the other being shared electronic resources, that may be documents, media or other forms of interactive computational means.

What is at your disposal is listed in the green boxes on It also hints at a deeper documentation, that is still going to be written on For us at the @communication remains the laborious task of writing it. What I can say for now is the following:

    is your one stop shop for exchanging to the minute updates with your peers, and for joyfully interacting loosely with federating groups.
    is your place of accountable and structured exchange with interested parties in various levels of privacy. It is a place where third parties can look up current discourses, and may provide thoughtful advice to the point.
    is your interaction point with elders that wish to be informed by receiving messages passively. Here you have slow and unstructured conversation about large scale perspectives on ongoing matters.
    is your data vault for documents that do else not fit on the web. You can store files of any kind, and keep your contacts and calendars synced with your devices.

We wish that you don’t hesitate in questioning us, either here regarding the overall concept of, or in #support for detailed enquiries about the technical tools within that domain.

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