Ideas for Logo of the action day

Hi all activists,
We added a new file to our activism folder in the cloud (Ideas for logo). What do you think about it?
Feel free to add any other ideas. But you need to download and upload it again (you cannot change it directly in the cloud).

We hope this thread can only be seen by members of international working group for degrowth activists. Is this true?

Hej! I am part of the international activist group and can see the post. However, I don’t have access to the degrowth cloud yet. Do you know what I have to do in order to gain access?

I like the idea! I try to make something like it on the weekend!
However, we need to get the picknick feeling in as well, no?

I don’t remember how we got access. It’s not obvious - when you enter “files” via “visit” on, you already need an account? This should be made easier, I think. @gandhiano, @yala, can you help? could we put some explanation on how to get access to the different tools onto the page, at least while we don’t have unified access yet?

Hi Joel,
sounds great. We are looking forward to hav a glimpse at your proposal - with or without picnic in it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I still need to log in after clicking on “files”.
And wow - there are always new degrowth-related webpages etc. popping up. This is getting slightly confusing :smiley:

Dear SAra,
Can you send here your email? I will try to add you on the cloud.

Hi @zaphod,
we uploaded another picture in the cloud: (it is from the petition about degrowth). Maybe this is inspiring?


Sorry that I didn’t find time yet to work on it. Hopefully this weekend :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

I finally found some time. So i tried to digitalize anna’s snail (degrowth-logo-paint3|667x499), and combine it with anne’s and arndt’s idea of a planet with symbols. Replicating the whole of anna’s drawing in a small symbol I didn’t manage, as it is so detailled.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

snail1-04 snail1-05

Regarding the second one, @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi, do you have the file of the planet in svg or some other vector format?

Hey, that looks great!
We like both logos, maybe the one with the little icons leads to more associations?

We uploaded an “old logo” in svg format, where the earth ball is included, see cloud, (Entwurf_3_mit Datum_kl).

Very nice both!

I love the second one and would only suggest to maye put in one symbol that includes people/a gathering or something like that? What do you think?

Hey Joel! I really like the second logo… I think the symbols could give some ideas of what the global degrowth day could be about or also what the movement is about. One idea I had in mind to go from larger sized negative examples (city, coal energy, cars) to smaller sized good examples like wind energy, bike, community, tree. Just an idea. And yes I will get a better scan. Give me one or to days…

Ok, so I added the original planet and added a symbol for feminism again

What do you think?


Looks Cool! Thanks Joel!

Very very nice!! For me it’s done!