Interest in joining the 'Activitists and practitioners' working group

Dear Degrowth team,

I was very happy to see your announcement about the international degrowth working groups being launched. I would love to join and help develop/activate the degrowth community in London and organise events such as the annual degrowth picnic. A friend of mine and I are also planning on starting a degrowth reading group or informal workshops to exchange ideas and engage newcomers.

I also very much like the idea of being a reference or point of contact for newcomers as last year I organised a workshop for some colleagues of mine at my job to introduce the concept to them and then organised a conference on urban degrowth in Brussels as I noticed that there was quite a lot of interest for this topic.

I’d be grateful if you could tell me a bit more about the next steps and I look forward to joining the group!

Many thanks!

Best regards,

Krisztina Campbell

+44 7519642411

Hi, Krisztina, please check - I just added this bit of general information for “newcomers”. You have to press the “sign up” button to register for our forum in order to login to the link above.