Invitation to a plenary for networking degrowth

Dearest users of degrowth online spaces,

we would kindly invite you to an online plenary meeting of users and user groups of any kind of degrowth related online presence.

As activity in the degrowth online spaces are rising, we the @communication group are asking for your help in understanding and answering to the diverse needs we are asked to meet. We seek to produce a shared understanding of:

  • the use cases,
  • the maintenance efforts and
  • appropriate ways of participation

for the different places for presentation and exchange.

With this message, we are opening up to seek your advisory as the degrowth community. Feel free to join the community process and help shape this environment according to your needs.

Let’s create an overarching view on how degrowth is accessible in the Internet!

When would be a good time for you to come together?

CC @marion.r @AnaP @Laurens @Kristina @ahac @Foldin @Francois @si7vio @gandhiano @jean @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi

Hi Jon, good idea. Maybe we can do a when2meet to check for a time slot where many people are available?

Yes @Laurens you are right with suggesting to use a tool for that. We can actually do so here improvised. Let’s follow a two-step process here.

  1. We agree on the week in which we meet, to be able to exclude certain options right from the start.
  • Week 10 : 4.3. - 8.3.
  • Week 11 : 11.3. - 15.3.
  • Week 12 : 18.3. - 22.3.
  • Week 13 : 25.3. - 29.3.

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Once we gathered enough responses until end of February,

  1. we find a day that suits best for us all.

I have written a more in-depth article about the motivation to invite for this meeting in

Dearest @marion.r @AnaP @Laurens @Kristina @ahac @Foldin @Francois @si7vio @jean @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi @orschiro

we are using degrowth online services to communicate a concrete message. In the past we have produced few misunderstandings and overloaded single people with too responsibility. This is why we need an explicit attempt at collectivising the various dimensions together. Please see the invitation to a plenary for all degrowth online channels above. There is also a longer text available, that digs into the rationale behind this invitation.

If you would you like to join collectivising the needs and maintenance, then you are highly encouraged to leave your preferred time of participation above, too!

Thanks for your kind concern, Jon

I am flexible and can make it work anytime. :smiling_face::+1:

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Thanks Jon. I am sorry but in this period I am very busy with my little Camilla. Go ahead without me.


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I’m suggesting to meet in Week 13 then, on one of days between March 25 to 29.

Which ones suit you?

  • Mon 25
  • Tue 26
  • Wed 27
  • Thu 28
  • Fri 29

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It seems Tuedsay and Thursday are the best days. But what about time?