Join us in Vienna!

Dear lovely people of R&D and,

  at, we are currently trying to better understand the

digital presence of degrowth and to identify opportunities for the
movement to evolve. We see this as a collaborative effort, and
hence would love to use the opportunity of the now-digital Vienna
conference to get in touch with you as we think of you as some of
the other institutionalized websites in the digital degrowth space
which aim for a broader international audience.

  We are proposing two sessions: one for R&D, and, and another one for all the degrowth digital actors
(local and international) that we know of. The objective of the
first session is to get the conversation between us three started
and to develop a shared understanding of how our websites
complement each other. The objective of the second one is to get a
picture of the degrowth digital actors around the world and to
discuss our understandings of the general goals of the degrowth
digital presence.

  We have for each session a 90 minute slot reserved during the

conference and came up with a tentative agenda (see attached).
Both sessions take place on Monday, June 1st . Session 1 is
from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm, session 2 from ** 1:30 pm to 3
pm** . It would be great to have at least 3 people per website
in the first session, and at least one in the second session. If
you have any questions/comments regarding the sessions or the
conference, please reach out to .
Thanks and looking forward to meeting you!
Nick for the team

degrowth_digital_vienna_preliminary.pdf (45.4 KB)