Meetings of the Storytelling and Narratives Group

(Frederikke Oldin) #1

So. Let’s get organised. This is where we plan meetings. And probably briefs from previous meetings will also go here. Let’s get cracking!

First meeting of the Storytelling & Narratives Group is on 10th of October from 1-3 pm (CEST).
Members of the group have received an invitation by e-mail. If anyone else wish to join, pls shoot me a message;)

And sorry for the many postings below - we’re just getting the hang of this lovely forum:grin:

(Frederikke Oldin) #2

So, this is kind of a test. Wanted to create a topic ‘inside’ the narratives Forum. But have I? Is this topic visible to all or just to the members of the Narrative group?

(Gualter Barbas Baptista) #3

Hi @Foldin, you have published it in the right place and made it visible to all members (and also to the public, because your category is public).

I give you a further tip, which is particularly helpful when you want to make an announcement such as the one for this meeting: if you make a mention to the group, in this case @narratives (just doing it through this message now), everyone will directly receive an e-mail notification. You can of course do the same with the @ mentions to individual people instead of groups.

I wish you all a nice meeting!

(Ahac Meden) #4

I can confirm this works as I have been receiving a bunch of notification emails about activities on agora :slight_smile:

(Frederikke Oldin) #6


Meeting #2 of our group will be on Tuesday Nov. 13th at 1PM CEST - 2.30 PM at the very latest.
Please access the agenda and minutes here:
and add to them if you like.
The link for the meeting is also in the pad (same link).


(sophia) #7

Thanks to Frederikke, Monu and Wojtek on joining today’s call.

Main points from the minutes

  • Sophia to take over as chair for the next 3 months

  • Even if we are not able to always tackle the big degrowth questions there is value in us coming together to explore narratives around degrowth, discuss some of its challenges and our own personal stories. Also to share learnings, published work, provoking articles to grow the knowledge of the group

  • ACTION:Attendees to share 1 link to something they’ve read, written, been inspired by, questioned around the wider degrowth movement/narrative - with the aim to gradually build up a pool of resources and knowledge for the wider group.

  • Find the rest of the minutes here:

Here’s the Doodle for next month’s meeting: - please complete ASAP so we can confirm the date of the call.

Thanks everyone

(Ahac Meden) #8


this is not normal for me to not attend a meeting or at least say I cannot. I’ve had a last-minute workshop and just finished and realised that it our meeting was already over by a long shot.

Just an update, we had Francoise and Anitra here in Ljubljana on Saturday for the first event titled Living degrowth and it started to make sense that it is about stories (how we as persons, groups, communities and societies live degrowth) and narratives (how degrowth as an idea and movement is living).

I’ve done the doodle and will get back with more about Living degrowth in 2019 by end of this year.

Humbly, Ahac

(sophia) #9

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Frederikke, Monu, Wojtek and Ahac on joining today’s call. It felt really invigorating to hear how everyone is thinking and ‘living degrowth’ (to use Ahac’s phrase) in their own ways across Europe.

Main points from the minutes

ACTION: Here’s the Doodle for next month’s meeting: - please complete by Dec 21st so we can confirm the date of the call.

Thanks everyone