New group "Offener Raum (deutschsprachig)"

Hi @gandhiano, we would like to have a new group, open access, but german language. We think it would be a good idea to try and get more people into the forum. Name could be “Offener Raum (deutschsprachig)” . Could you create this for us? (i think we can’t do it ourselves, at least we don’t see how ;-)) thanks!

Hi @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi,

creating categories and groups is currently restricted to administrators, please bear with us :wink:

Do you need anonymous email-in for externals activated, too?

I could take the leap and move ahead with your request as desired.

In which layer in the hierarchy of categories on would you place this group?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @yala,
thanks. We don’t know what

is. Could you explain, please?

The new group should be on the same level as “activism” or “dutch”.

Hi, we can create this group within the language communities, I guess.

Anonymous email-in would mean, if anybody who is not registered to the forum should be allowed to write to an address like

and have their contribution appear here.

Hi, I have now created the group @Deutsch of which you are the owner, and also a corresponding category #language-communities:deutsch in which everybody can write. Email-in is activated for the category.

Everyone can join the Deutsch group on now.

Dankeschön! Dann schaun wir mal…

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