Next Global Degrowth Day 2020

Dear all: @mmonti @martin @Pascal-178 @latorredimezzo @lily.pollans @anyaV @MDFvenezia @Utopiastadt @Freundeskreis @WoMe @flor @minga @Draguljce @sabrina.chakori @Kerstin @jeff @123 @InstituteDegrowthStu

Last year you organized an event for the Global Degrowth Day - many thanks!
Here Degrowth Cloud you can find the “call for action flyer” in different languages for our global action day 2020 on June 6th.
We hope you will participate again :slight_smile: !
All information can also be found on our website .
We are looking forward to your participation and hope there will be again many events world wide.

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yup, we plan to make a picnic again. that is the plan at least, we’ll see how things turn out.

Also we’re finishing the translation of “Degrowth: A Vocabulary…” into Polish and it should be published this year.

Hey, @mmonti @martin @Pascal-178 @latorredimezzo @lily.pollans @anyaV @MDFvenezia @Utopiastadt @Freundeskreis @WoMe @flor @minga @Draguljce @sabrina.chakori @Kerstin @jeff @123 @InstituteDegrowthStu @activism

Of course, for many of us there are now more important things to think about than the global action day. However, we believe that especially in times of crisis like these, we must look for ways to change our political and economic system.

Since we do not know how the situation will be in your region at the beginning of June, we suggest to let the action day take place online if necessary.

For this purpose we have compiled a collection of ideas for virtual events in the following open document:

We realize that online events have their drawbacks with respect to conviviality and getting in contact with people so far not part of the idea of “a good life for all”. On the other hand, we could use the opportunity to really get in touch with each other globally!

Please register your event on our website: . We will list all events - including the online ones - on our event page with map - here in the forum: In case of an online event, please also add the language of your event.

You can also find the action day on Facebook ( and soon also on Twitter. Please use the hashtag #GlobalDegrowthDay.