Problems with replies to email posts

@gandhiano @yala
We realized a serious problem: When someone writes an email to a group (like @activism) this is represented as a post in the group. If you look carefully you can see this by the small icon of a letter.
If you just reply to this post or topic, it seems that no email is sent as a reply to the original sender. Only in case if you send a message directly to the author, a mail is sent.
We tried this with a second email account, see This is a test for reply.
–> We assume that a lot of replies done by our group were not sent!
Examples: -> Gloria did never answer

Maybe you could also test this like we did, to make sure what is going on there…thanks!

Argh; let’s reply also by email directly to the person until problem is solved! If you click on the name you can find it Could s someone write to old post?

we will try to do this beginning of next week…ok, it’s done. We already got a couple of replies from people who in fact had not gotten the original reply, but got the mail/private message we sent now. So there definitely is a problem we have to keep in mind!