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Dear all

We are the group MDF Firenze Economia della felicità,

please add our contact e e

thanks a lot

Gloria Germani

via Cassia per Siena 201

50026 San Casciano Firenze Italy

39 055 8249008 335 6684155

skype: gloriagermani1

Ciao Gloria, Dove volete esser aggiunti? Se sulla mappa compilate qui!
Ciao e buon anno!

Hi Jean,
I filled up the map last month, to add the Brisbane Tool Library, but I can see that there’s nothing on the map on Australia… could you help me understand why? Should I re-fill the survey, or you might be able to find my form somewhere?

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Hi Sabrina,
I am sorry but the map will be updated semiautomatic in the next months. Be patient and you will be there!


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Great, so that I can promote more the map also in Australia.

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@jean @sabrina.chakori are there any updates regarding the mapping entry for Brsibane? We cannot find anything in Australia…

Map is stopped until @jon will finish the new map. Jon do you have any news for timing?

I think @yala may have missed your comment due to using the wrong handle. As there seems to be little progress on the older map effort and there was the intent to converge here, I would suggest @sabrina.chakori that you just enter your information here on the Realities category.