Reminder for our call "in Vienna"

Dear degrowthers,

This is friendly reminder to the session we have invited you to! You can
find a short agenda attached.

It will take place at the (online) degrowth Vienna conference, next
Monday June 1st at 11:45 CEST (sorry for those of you in the world for
whom this is really early or really late). If it is not done already,
you can confirm your participation by writing to

Make sure you are registered to the conference
(, and
please arrive a few minutes early on Monday to deal with the
(predictable) technical issues :slight_smile:

Looking forward to talking to you,

Nick for

degrowth_digital_vienna_preliminary.pdf (49.1 KB)

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I have not registered and the registration is now closed :frowning: Any chance of getting me in?

Totally. As far as I understand it, all I need is an email-adress from
you. I received your mail from, will this