Request from Barcelona to have a private communication space


we in Barcelona are also considering to move debates to the Agora. Would it be possible to create our own hidden category for internal discussions like with the international activist group?


HI @zaphod

thanks for your request. I have moved it away from the other posting, since it was slightly defering from the original posting’s subject.

Yes, it is possible to create another hidden cateogry, yes. For this we will need to set up another permission group, such as those in

How do you want your group and your category to be called? From what you wrote I have to guess your context is Barcelona?

Or are you rather from Research & Degrowth and one should use that name, instead?


Yes, please set up a permission group and hidden category named Research & Degrowth. It would be great if you could also give us the rights to add users to this permission group. We would then need some time to experiment with the platform and see if it fits everyones needs before we decide to move discussions there.

Best, Joël

Thanks Joël,

that works. Please review your group’s settings at

whereas you can add members at

Your new category lives now in

and please also fill in its description text at

Also, if you could tell me if you need email reception enabled for the private group inbox, and for the discussion category, I could set things up meanwhile.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions,

sincerely, Jon.

Dear Jon,

wonderful, thank you so much!

Could you be more specific what the email reception means?

Also, to edit the description text, I think I am missing the rights (I have no option or button to edit)

Email reception is the act of receiving an email. If you wish so, we can configure distinct email aliases, one to lead into the private group member inbox Research & degrowth - Degrowth, or ones into any desired group discussion category, may it be public or private, like your’s

I have granted you site moderator rights. Can you edit the description text now?

Hi jon,

just wanted to let you know that for now we have decided not to move our communication. But maybe we will still take up this possibility in the near future!


Hi Joël,

thanks for trying out this platform!

Talk to you soon,