Request to join degrowth's research group.


I am a graduate student in Informatics from University of California, Irvine. My research areas are post-growth economics and human-computer interaction for global development and sustainability (HCI4D and HCI4S).

I saw the posting and I am interested in joining the research group.

Please consider my request and let me know the next steps.



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Hi Vishal,

it is a pleasure reading from you. I am writing you from the @communication, and not the research group, but am very interested in continuing the conversation with you.

Your email has been sent to a private group on If you register on that site with the email address that you used to write to us, I can grant you access to the research space, too!

If you would like to join the current developments directly, you can also join our call on Thursday next week.

Further on, how do you see HCI issues link to post-growth narratives?

Talk to you soon,