Mapping degrowth locations and events

Coming from a conversation in the chat we are inviting to a call about the various mappings related with degrowth. It will take place on

:calendar: Thursday
:spiral_calendar: 14.02.2019
:clock1030: 10:30

We can meet in the chat channel :speech_balloon: to find a workable call environment, like Jitsi, Talky or others.

A possible agenda includes:

This conversation is set out to conclude the directions that have been opened lately within the discussions at:

For this occasion, we were also asked for a concept paper with deadlines and proposals about how to continue with mapping degrowth related locations and events. It lives in

@jean @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi @gandhiano You are kindly invited to participate and/or provide more suggestions to the agenda.

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Thanks for consideration. For the call if you like join ok. We could start from that issue and me and Jon continue on other things later.

we can participate on Thursday’s call. How do we meet? Is it again via Jitsi?

Yes, let’s try to meet

via :phone: Jitsi Meet
at :clock1030: 10:30 on :calendar: Thu 14.02.2018

@gandhiano Can you arrange to chime in for a while?
@how Would you like to join us for training us a bit on a community-led, yet methodic design process?

Can’t promise to join, depends on what’s up on office, but will keep it in mind.

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Looking at the map, i see that it does not have R&D or Can Decreix. Although i think i filled the paper. By the way my point is that there people like us that might not fill the right form in time, that do not know how to fill it. I think the mapping is great tool, but we also need a human facilitator, who checks the different locations, who contacts people that are active, that put people in contact. I do not think it can only come from heroic people that fill forms. I am now in ICTA, Barcelona, the project Ejolt has been doing a mapping on environmental justice. I was just talking with someone from this project and their big work is on facilitation of contacts. They have to verify every “reality”, they contact people. The friend was considering that only 30% actually fill the forms, so you have to do interviews and there are interns that do a lot of job. The mapping tool is amazing, but i really think that it can only remain a help.
I am very busy with the summer school and Can Decreix so i do not know if i can make it for the meeting, but i have this point to add to the meeting.


That’s one of the reasons we are proposing to move to a more dynamic mapping system, such as the one provided here in the Agora (see e.g. the proposed realities map here).

I personally don’t think this is either feasible, desirable or needed in mapping the realities of degrowth.

Not feasible, because we don’t have a big research project funding behind, with the possibility of having qualified paid personnel checking every reality.

Not desirable, because we don’t want to build a mega-institution for the purpose of mapping the diversel of degrowth.

Not needed because we it is a community-based effort to get people who identify with degrowth to get themselves of the map and we don’t have the aim of making it a scientifically valid map. Community and moderators control - via commenting or flagging - should be enough to address any disputes on whether a point should be on the map or whether the description matches what the reality says it is. People visiting these realities can furthermore write reports over it, which become also publicly visible.

That said, it is of course very important that there is facilitation behind the process of mapping. The tools are just that: tools for someone to use.

Dear people, I am sick and cannot participate in tomorrows call. A suggestion could be to postpone it this time.

Next time we also need to confirm the date suggestion from more parties, before setting it in stone.

@jean, @yala, @gandhiano
in our meeting last Monday we had the following proposal:

  • not display a map directly on the GDD website
  • not display a programme directly on the GDD website
  • instead: have links to the map and calendars in the agora
    allow people to have their own entry in the agora map; they would need to register, and can describe their own idea
  • ‘anonymous’ contribution via a form on the website as a workaround for people who cannot/do not want to register
  • proposal informs the call for participation; deadline as above.
  • But since AnaP would prefer also a map on GDD website, we will probably include a screenshot from the current state of agora’s map (which we could update every now and then).

Question: If anybody has an objection to this approach, please let us know by Sunday, Feb 17th, as we already got input via the participation form, so we need to switch as soon as possible. Furthermore it was agreed to start the rollout latest on March 1st. So we need enough time to adapt the GDD website accordingly.
Gute Besserung Jon!

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Me and Gualter we are on jitsty. Could you join us?

Hi, I had a short meeting with Gualter. We agreed on the proposal that you made but we prefer to have not a screenshot but a map also on that automatically update new events, as proposed by Ana. Gualter told me that is possibile.
Gualter will work on that and until that moment we will use the screenshot. OK?
Many thanks Gualter!!

Meeting Gualter 14/02/19

Add categories/tags on new automatized map (research, activism, etc.). Add a new category: “individuals” with a brief description (“Only individuals interested into attracting new people and doing activities (both activism/practitoners or research/lectures, etc) on the territory can be mapped. Possibility to show only some categories/tag. Each realities have to have more categories, so we will use tags (eg. activism + research). Possibility to subscribe to mailing list of the movement (with brief description of who you are and why you want to join).

Possibility to change wrong data or spam by Jean or other moderators of the map.

In the new map there will be some fields: address, email, website, social network + categories/tags and then an open text with the description of the association.

Deadline: Gualter or Jon will write to Jean bye email

Hi, @jean and @gandhiano
sounds great! Of couse the “real” map would be much better.
Sorry for not joining, we thought the meeting was cancelled by Jon. But you got a perfect result even without us :wink:

Hi sorry, I missed that one. Maybe next time.

@gandhiano the map is now slowly but hopefully surely filling up :slight_smile:. So we are taking some screenshots to place them on our globalday-website. Are there any news from you about the possibility to include the real map into the website?
If not, don’t worry. But we wanted to make sure, that we did not miss something …

I unfortunately have currently no time to work on exporting the map data dynamically, or allowing the map to be embedded in some way, so unless someone (@yala, @how ?) would like to jump in and work on it, you will have to stick to the screenshots.

It’s great to see the map filling up by the way!

IN COMMON is in the process of receiving funding to work on the API and frontend, so we would be able to import data in the coming months.