Scriptum Manchester: Event types

Session Type, now we have:
Special Sessions | Activist Sessions | Artistic Sessions | Participatory Sessions
Plenary Sessions | Keynotes | Book/Special Issue Presentation
Individual Papers
Poster Presentations
Parties | Demonstrations | Fikas | Lunchs |

Which should we keep / delete?

I suggest remove ‘participatory sessions’ - we’d actually like to have the other categories of sessions as participatory wherever possible. I think making a separate category will be confusing and force a false choice.
“Fika” is a Swedish term that won’t be transparent to most participants - can we use a different descriptor - “tea break” would be very Manchester English!

Session types are what we call event types. I had prepared a compilation of different event types as they were communicated to me before:

Can we compile the definitive list of event types to be implemented in the pad that I suggested before? Keeping the contents in a collaborative form on the web, and not in files, will ease access for the developers when implementing your changes.

Best @mark.burton and/or @vliegey, could you take a moment to provide the list of desired event types, similar to the ones exemplified above, in Then we can add them to the platform and start spreading the CfP.

Visit this pad.

I’m compiling from recent messages:

From your comment I conclude the answer two my question for a list of event types current looks like:

  • Academic
  • Activist
  • Artistic
  • Plenary
  • Book
  • Individual paper

Is that correct @mark.burton? Please see the list from which I compiled it in the linked pad above.

We will need to know this in the beginning before creating sessions, since it is not easily changed later on in the process.

I think that should work @yala with one further change back to Academic Special Session as people have already begun uploading under that category - sorry this has already started if it creates problems.
Maybe we can be relaxed about individual papers (i.e. no need to hide them) - if people upload them before the open call it doesn’t really matter.

And I have some further questions:

  1. The contact address needs changing - it is still the Malmo one. Please replace with
  2. There seems to be a limit on the number of papers that can form part of a special session. Please can this be removed? (@vliegey also requested this).
  3. Some queries are coming in to us by email re registration problems. Where should we forward them?

We can implement the event types as announced above, after the design phase for the next conference has finished.

Indeed it was my desire to start with a structured, planned and communicated development of the platform up until its launch, why I initially drafted the overview in Degrowth 2020: Manchester conference platform - #14 with checkmarks. Unfortunately we didn’t pursue a clear path together, possibly due to communication and language distances, which brings us little challenges and constraints for the implementation.

Please let’s try to stick with a rule of thumb of one subject per conversation, in so we do not derail the original subject far off its scope. We will address these points in other, dedicated places.

@mark.burton wrote:
"I’ve changed the deadlines and that means that when logged in, I can edit my own submission.
On the screen I see this:


  1. The two buttons on the right lead to an error message. I can edit the submission by clicking the hyperlinked text of the session title as the page that comes next has an “edit session” button.
  2. Other submitters have no edit button on their submission page. It might be because I have admin rights that I can edit, but we need to allow people to edit their own submissions.
    I doubt if this is a big change needed but there might be a need for payment for some system development time.I’m therefore copying this to John O’Neill so he is aware of this too."
    Thanks. :slight_smile: