Scriptum Manchester: limits and constraints in the peer review process

Continuing the discussion from Scriptum Manchester: Event types:

I would like to consider this change request plus


together, since they are all connected to the design of the peer review process.

The question here, plus the other two requests, are they still relevant to your case, and do they still need adjustments?

Yes please @yala. We need these changes. cc. @mladen @vliegey

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Hi @ponder, would you have capacity these days to implement the requested changes above?

I could make myself available in the beginning of next week, also for a meeting on Tuesday in Oberrieden, if possible for you.

@mark.burton I got notice from @ponder that he won’t be available for development this month. I might be able to spend some time on these refinements of the workflows only by the end of the month, and will keep you posted here.