Thanks for participating!

Dear all,
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We hope you enjoyed your Global Degrowth Day as much as we did! There were about 50 events all over the world!

So that we can have a good overview of the different events, we would like to remind you one last time (in case you haven’t yet):

Soon there will be a blog on about the Global Degrowth Day. Stay tuned!

Thank you for celebrating the Global Degrowth Day with us, and let’s do it again in 2020!

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I have filled the survey :slight_smile: it will take a bit of time until I can share the pictures! Is it possible for me to also create such a survey to ask people for local feedback?

@jean as you created the survey, can you explain Joel how to do it?

Ok I have uploaded the fotos now, if you use them on twitter or instagram, please credit them to @christinetyler_

Thank you everyone for organizing, it was a great event :slight_smile: