This is a test after upgrade!

We’ll see what happens, if you reply in agora…

Hey! Yes, it reached me by email. This is a reply via email.

Hi You,
this is a thread in our forum. We are just responding. Does this post reach you by mail?

Discourse tries to minimise the amount of emails sent to users. This depends on when a user has last been seen on the website To circumvent this behaviour, users can watch categories and receive notifications about every activity there is in a given category.

For #groups:activism, for example, @sven and @si7vio are receiving every little update there is.

Categories can also be set to mailing list mode, where every user will receive a notification about all activity.

A post was split to a new topic: Meeting time for week 45

Hi @AuA_Jacobi,

thanks for trying email-in again.

My tests with the public #support category in

indicate that email replies are working for non-users of the platform.

It may be that we were facing an edge case with the private category that was used.

Could you state if this reply message to the initial mail arrives in the inbox of auajacobi@ as well?

Please note that email is not a real-time communication protocol, and that messages and replies can take up to several minutes to arrive. In my test linked above, the Agora also took about 10 minutes to send the reply that had been written on the platform.

Kindest regards,