Title of the global action day on June 1st (Picnic / Good Life for All)

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Hi everybody,
as agreed in our first telco (2.10., see https://pad.degrowth.net/O-VuJLi9RHyFtP4sXxytHQ), we will have a global action day (GAD) on the first of June 2019:
This GAD will be a merge of “picnic for degrowth” (https://picnic4degrowth.wordpress.com/) and “day of good life for all” (https://www.degrowth.info/en/our-projects/good-life-for-all-day/).
Since the telco we also spoke with other degrowthers. Feedback about the merger was absolutely positive. And it is also appreciated to include the term “Degrowth” in the subtitle.
But there was a feeling that the conclusion about the title and subtitle was not totally clear or could be a bit confusing.

One concern is, that if the (main or sub-)title contains the word “picnic”, then it is a bit strange, if the action taking place does not really include a picnic, but is e.g. a repair cafe or a clothes exchange party, even if conviviality is part of this action. As picnic is more specific in its meaning, the title should be more general and in the description the conviviality aspect could be stressed; furthermore picnic could be the first example of a possible action of this GAD.

How about something like this:
Main title: Action Day “Good Life for All”
Subtitle: International Degrowth Day
Description: All people, groups and movements who are committed to a good life for all and who are interested in an economy and society beyond growth are invited to take part in this action day, by organizing a local action or event which brings people together to envision a convivial post-growth society.
Examples: Organize or join a picnic and chat about ideas of what a post-growth society might involve. Change often starts with a nice chat around good food!
Or organize lectures, discussions, flash mobs, information booth, demonstrations or small festivals…

What do you think? Please add some comments here!
We think a discussion here in the forum might be more fruitful than on the phone :slight_smile:

Thanks Anne and Arndt for launching now the discussion.
As agreed last time personally I will leave the word pic nic and degrowth in the main title, one for stressing degrowth and the other for continuity with the past. Then I will give the possibility to each country maybe to invert title and subtitle.

Main title: international picnic for degrowth

Subtitle: Good life for all

I ask also to the support group what they think. If we do not have a consensus it would be nice to give 2 or 3 possibility and then launch a little questionnaire to the new mailing list of the movement!



Hey everybody! Thanx for your ideas and comments about the degrowth day! I hope all of you are doing well! In a way I agree with Anne and Arndt that the word picnic might be a bit too specific already and maybe people that are organizing things that would fit perfectly into the concept of a degrowth day might loose interest because they think of something else (concerning a degrowth picnic). We should keep in mind that those people might decide about participating or not after a very short impression of the email they received… maybe just reading not much more than the title… This would be a reason for creating a broad and inclusive title such as action day. On the other hand there are several years of degrowth picnic now and already a community that knows about the term. It is also helpful to claim that this will be the 6th degrowth picnic and that the movement is growing every year. So I think there are good reasons for both names. What does the rest of the group think? And Jean, do you have any experience how people that are contacted react to the name picnic? Do you think there was always a lot to explain about the different actions that could be part of the picnic)?