Translation of call for participation

Some people did not work on the cloud and sent me directly translation. We have portuguese, greek, italian, hungarian and latvia. Soon Arabic.

Can someone create dome pdf from the translation and put in the folder on the cloud?



We can create PDFs with the same design and store them in the “Flyer” folder. We will do so during the weekend

Allright, we produced PDFs for the offered languages - except Spanish, which seems to us is incomplete. Can anybody check (@Sara ) in the text folder / in the pad (mentioned above)?

The PDF files are in our folder “Flyer”. If they should be available also to non-cloud users, you can point them to this link: . @Jean can you spread this link?

Spread to who? I will spread when we will launch the cal for participation. Maybe we could add name of translator with “thanks to…”. What do you think?

I translated the Spanish version, you can find it in the cloud…
Do you feel its possible to translate the homepage in all those langauges as well?

I think that the website of has only English German and another language but not more. We will attached some PDF to download…
Jean supports english, german, french and spanish.
Last time we decided, that english & german is enough for this year. But if someone hands in another one of the two missing, we can insert it as well…

Dear Anne and Arndt, can you tell me the font you are using for the final call so I can edit the document and make a pdf of the Spanish version? Cheers, Kristina

@Kristina we use “Fontin Sans Rg” and for the heading “Fontin Sans SC”.
For some languages this does not work, but Spanish should be ok :slight_smile:

thanks! pdf can be found in Nextcloud