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Dear all: @mmonti @martin @Pascal-178 @latorredimezzo @lily.pollans @anyaV @AnaP @MDFvenezia @Utopiastadt @Freundeskreis @WoMe @flor @minga @Draguljce @zaphod @sabrina.chakori @Kerstin @jeff @123 @InstituteDegrowthStu @alcidesbarbosa @jean @Anna
You have created an event in this forum for the Global Degrowth Day (GDD) 2019 - thanks and congratulations! :slight_smile:
Please help us to improve the forum experience for next year (yes: there will be a Global Degrowth Day 2020!).

  • Did you face any problems creating your event?
  • Was it easy to create a map entry?
  • Would you recommend the event list or the map to people who want to be informed about the GDD in your area? If not, why not?
  • Any suggestions about how to improve (e.g. event creation, map entry, display of events and map)?

Simply post here in this thread!
We would be really grateful for your input.
Thanks and best regards