Website for "Good-Life-for-All"-Day (Picnic)

Hi everybody,

we are in contact with Kai from Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, which is responsible for the website. In our last meeting our group postulated that we need a subdomain (i.e. for the action day. Kai answered that it is possible, if it is only about the website name. This would be forwarded to the normal structure, e.g. If we need something else / more, then we need to discuss it in more detail with him.

For the action day “good life for all” we used several subpages:,,,

We guess that this is also needed in future. We assume this would then look like:

Is this fine, would this work for us? Or do you have more in mind?

Dear Anne. Thanks for the email. For me it is ok. I agree we need a page and subpages.
Because not all of you I think are receiveing and using well this forum I kindly ask to use the mailling list for these communication for now.

I like :slight_smile:
I think we should push the use of the forum!
What is the reason that it does not work for everyone?

Hey, please have a look at the first draft version of our website .
Still missing:

  • Subpage with map (and list?) of actions
  • Subpage of overview of past events (picnic and good life for all)
  • Toolkit on Participate subpage (merge of picnic toolkit and good life for all toolkit - which still needs to be translated :slight_smile: )
  • Sidebar for a proper navigation between the pages (currently only workaround)
  • All pages in other languages (German, French, Spanish)

Please feel free to comment and suggest improvements. If you have any nice pictures e.g. of a picnic please upload them to the cloud and let us know. We will try to use them. :christmas_tree:

Is this the right webpage? I wrote on the taskbar but this webpage appeared:

Hi, Laura,
yes, you are right - that is very strange, we will have to check this. But it works if you leave out the www, i.e. only Or you use directly which the above redirects to.


When I click on the link I‘ll see the same strange page as Laura.


Hi! The pages look good to start with!
My only comment regards this page:

Before the form there should be a sentence explaining why people should fill out the form. Right now it is a bit unclear why you should fill it out.

I think it would help if we added something like :
If you are organizing your own degrowth day event, we would like you to let us know by filling this form below. In this way we can add your event to the map of events. This is good for an overview of what is happening globally on the degrowth day, but also to help people and organizations connect to the events that are close to them.

And once we have some events on the map, the “Participate” page should have two headings:

  • Join a Global Degrowth Day event close to you - with link to the map
  • Organize a Degrowth Day event - tips of how to do it, here (link to toolkit)


@Anna, yes, please read our comment above, how to access the website :slight_smile:
We will contact the website-owners about this problem

@AnaP Thanks for the hint. We already adapted the website accordingly :slight_smile: It looks much better now…

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I really like the website! Very good work! What do you think of including a little call to also join our activist group? Something like…

You like the ideas and want to join our international working group for degrowth activists? You are very welcome! Please contact


Ok for me for the structure as proposed.
I agree with Anna comments. Wonderful website! Thanks,

What about the save the date. Shall we launch it before christmas?

Yes, it would be great to launch the „Save the date“ before Christmas. I was just wondering, if we could all do some more research in order to find more organizations and projects (especially outside of Germany) that could cooperate. Is there a list from the picnic of the last years? And @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi have you already made your list of partners available for our group? Sorry, if I miss something…

I agree. There is not a list but we can find email on the website on the map.

Hi, we included some lines and a reference to the working groups page on our first page

Hi, we created a new spreadsheet with all potential partners. Up to now: Italy (from Jean’s list) and Germany covered. Others are welcome!

Hi again,
Still missing for the website:

  • Sidebar for a proper navigation between the pages (currently only workaround)
  • All pages in languages French & Spanish
  • Problem with our subdomain (if you use www. …), see comments.

All other things we tried to finish.

I’ll try to add some potential partners for Spain during the weekend :slight_smile: