Degrowth Agora, its use for the Group Assembly Process and other public realities

A generalising community story about may read:

As a member of the Degrowth movement, I want to have a space where I can go to check for latest developments in different areas. I also have the possibility to interact with different groups and discussions, and will be notified about updates therein. If I come to have acquired elevated priviledge, I am using it to onboard new users, create new shared structures and help with moderating the community by sharing my knowledge.

An upcoming feature, that will combine the different tools from by identity federation, is in the pipeline. It’s release will mark the actual launch of the site/domain.

Until then we already acquired some experience with using this communication space, the note taking space, and also the file sharing space.

As a simplification of the structures that we had built for now, and one that can possibly bring new degrees of freedom, I made the following request in Communication and collaboration tools at your disposal in

I am highlighting this question now, as we administrators are starting to see new users on the platform (Hi Research & Degrowth!). Yet for most of you users all this remains invisible, as most groups have decided to remain private and closed. (You can always request membership to some in Degrowth)

In increasing public visible activity on the site, we could also render it more welcoming for random visitors and member’s of connected communities. Also there is a looming offer to Degrowth MX that they could publish their press release on this site. But where, I am asking, would be space here to post such an announcement?