Make the Global Degrowth Day public

as agreed on in our meeting I created a pad for the collection of mailing lists,… to send out a save-the-date notice: Collection of Mailing-Lists - HedgeDoc. I already started with some forums I’m active.

Additionally it came to my mind, that it would be helpful to have “supporters” for our Global Degrowth Day. For 2018 we collected a nice number of German organizations, which are active in the degrowth context. Supporter means, that such an organization …

  • will participate on that action day and
  • will inform all their “followers”, i.e. they make this event public via their channels.

In return we list these organizations on our website, so we make them more visible (so it’s a win-win action).
You can have a look at the page , how we did it.
This has the advantage, that if we contact other groups they can see directly that also other “important player” are participating. Additionally the event gets viral on its own :slight_smile:

  1. Do you know such candidates, especially outside Germany (for Germany we can take the existing list: Fairbindung e.V., Förderverein Wachstumswende e.V., netzwerk n e.V., Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, ILA Werkstatt, IÖW – Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung, FUTURZWEI, attac (AG Jenseits des Wachstums), Deutscher Naturschutzring, BUND (Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland), Wandelwoche, Common Future, ecapio, Transition Town, Denkhaus Bremen, Netzwerk Grundeinkommen, BUNDjugend)?
  2. We have to contact these candidates. For this we need a short letter, explaining what the global degrowth day is about and what we expect from them and what they get. We could recycle the letter from last year and translate it into English and other languages (for this we need help).

What do you think?

I think the list of supporters is a very good idea. I don’t have any contacts but as soon as the email and the poster is ready we could contact organizations outside of Germany.
And would you share the version of the letter you already have in the cloud so we could work on a translation?

we just uploaded the German template from last year plus a “one-pager”-document describing the idea of the action day. Before any of these are translated, we need to rework and adapt them.
We should also have already an existing URL to the website, so we can refer to it.
We are in the process of discussing about the website with Kai from Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie (provider of


I made a simple version of the poster with title and date and added it to the logo folder in the cloud (“DEGROWTH POSTER 5”). Do you guys like it?

And @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi how should we proceed with your documents from last year? Can I help with a draft in English so everybody can work with it or are you coming up with something?

@Anna, the poster looks pretty good already! We have a couple of suggestions for improvement:

  • The writing now covers up part of the picture - the planes are hardly visible anymore. Since a poster has a different format, would it be possible to place the text above the picture?
  • Then we could think about using the “” script type (Schriftart) which is Bellota: see eg the header in
    The script type can be downloaded for free from the net, and if you need help working with it (we did need help ;-)), contact us.
  • the final version of the poster should maybe also contain the website url; a qr-code would be mega cool :wink: but I don’t really know how that works…

Regarding the call for supporters/partners: Yes, we could do a first draft, but so far we didn’t get any feedback from anyone else (besides you) about the idea. We would need some international (not-german) partners as well, so it doesn’t look like a german event. So we need some non-german people who are ready to involve / look for partners outside Germany…? @activism -any ideas or comments on this, anyone?

Nice! In Italy aI can share to the “Rete delle Reti”, a meta network with ecovillages, solidarity economy, transition town, etc.

We created 2 drafts in German (
One for the email text to be sent to partners (call for partners) and one for call for participation as additional information to be attached to the “partner mail”. For both drafts we created txt-files, which should be directly changeable for improvements
(Note: We asked for changeable odt-files in the cloud; this is being worked on).

@Anna We think it would be great, if we had an english version of these documents, so all can discuss about it. Do you want to translate these into English? If you don’t have enough time for it, we could do it as well. Please let us know :slight_smile:!
Hint: Some of the formulations can be found in the english version under

Hey Anne and Arndt!

I can start with it tomorrow.

Hard for me to understand!
Thanks Anna!


Great, if you need help, please let us know!

Hey guys! I’m very sorry for the delay. I put an english version of the email to the cloud so everybody can work with it. Please help to correct it, my English really isn’t the best. I started with the call for participation but I think I could need some help (draft in the cloud) :wink:
An @zaphod I really like your logo!
I try to come up with the end version of the poster soon. Right now I’m studying for my hopefully last exam (to specialize in Anaestesia).

We had a look at @Anna 's documents. Thanks for the good work! We did some slight modification and created a second version for the “email”. Also we included your improvements in the German version :slight_smile: . We uploaded a completed version of the “Call for Participation” (cfp). Everyone please feel free to improve on this!

@jean Are there any news about the email address :slight_smile: ? If we have it, we can finish the call for partners / participation documents

Hey, we included the new email address into the flyer versions for EN, PT and DE, and did some layouting (only on our locale PC). We created a new folder “Flyer” where the PDF for these documents are stored. Note we tried to use a languages dependent title, as we assume these docs are now sent around…

–> Please have a look at these versions, if you realize errors, please let us know. Maybe also the portuguese version could be renamed @AnaP ?

And by the way: we also created new folders for “Collection of Ideas”, “How to organize”, where the corresponding PDFs are stored.

Question: Do you see a problem, that we don’t have access to the email account yet? Should we wait for this before we send out the flyer?

@AnaP we realized, that there was a section at the end slightly changed. Can you please look at your portuguese version again and check? Thanks!

In english the relevant section is:
Participate !
On our website you can find a collection of ideas with examples and helpful hints – how to organize events, how to do PR etc.

You already know what you are going to do? You can publish all events yourself on the website – if possible by 24th May 2019.

Who we are
This event is organized be the working group “Activists and Practitioners”, see for description and contact information. New members are welcome!

You are right, I didnt translate that part because it was not in the english version I had.
I just fixed it here:
Could you make a new pdf?

Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Was travelling and sick, but I’m getting better.
I also got a small list of potential Portuguese partners, from degrowth activists in Lisbon! :slight_smile:
Shall I send them the call for partners myself, or should we (you?) do that using the new email address?

Another question, how to change the title of a document in the cloud?:confused: is it so obvious that I am overlooking it?



Hey everybody, please don’t hesitate to send out emails to the partner according to our spreadsheet (as we want feedback from them by Feb 10th :slight_smile: ). Please insert your name (and date) in the sheet, so we don’t send anything twice.
You can use the templates (in folder texts) and attach the flyer PDF (in folder Flyer). The poster might be too heavy (3MB) to attach, but we made it available on our website (page: participate). Thanks!

I think that we can use our personal email for the partners that we know. I contacted Italian ones. Ana if you need the password of the email contact me privately and I will tell you.


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As we are also collecting logos from our partners, we created a new folder in our cloud called “Partner Logos”. Please upload the logos you receive in there :slight_smile:

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