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@yala , @gandhiano: Happy New Year!
We have a technical question not related to this forum.
We created the website for our action day “Global Degrowth Day”. On a subpage ( people can fill out a form with their action data incl. their location etc. On another subpage ( we want to place this data on a map (open street map) similar to the picnic for degrowth map (
We thought we have to do this manually. But @jean told us that on the picnic website a google plugin can do this automatically. Do you know if this is also possible for OSM? If yes, would you be able to assist us with this?

Many thanks Anne and Arndt

Hi @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi, thanks for consulting on this and avoiding the use of proprietary mapping software, which would inevitably lock-in the geocoded data and impede us from reusing it anywhere else in the future.

As far as I can remember, this automated process is provided with the piece of software that we used to create the degrowth map from the survey.

The code is available on (unfortunately still under a private repository, since we did not properly separate private survey data in the process), and it was developed with funds from the support group (I wonder why @jean did not come to the idea of using this, since he is involved in this project). I think we would only need to adapt the fields to import according to the data (in CSV format) we receive from the form submissions.

@yala what do you think?

If it is possibile to use the same system of the map I very agree of that and I will ask to the support group in PAris. Gualter are you coming?

Yes, I am coming to Paris. I have already started to check with @yala for the appropriate technical approach to this and will try to bring more concrete details to our meeting.

Best people in this conversation!

I know that users often need more solutions to their problems, than only new problems from others. When thinking the Degrowth online presence holistically, I have previously shown enormous effort to describe unclarities from my PoV.

Your message @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi triggered a cascade of associations for me, which also concern the wider online presence of Degrowth not only in .net, but also .org and especially .info. You name the pages, from which we built a case study that is included in a wider analysis of the communication workflows and tools of the degrowth network. This will be shared soon in #group-assembly-process:communication-networking.

The request about a participatory mapping of not only locations, the degrowth survey comes to mind, but also events for a communications campaign made us discuss an intermediary solution which (1) supports tempospatial mapping in both space and time (2) does not involve new software development to automatise the processing and (3) does not involve manual steps to remain up to date.

Whyfore within the last maintenance cycle of the Ecobytes communications platforms, we have included functionalities for this site to show #events and #realities. In both you will find a map that is based on OpenStreetMap and ready for participatory wiki curation.

It’s now here in 🔍 Analysis of the communication workflows and tools of the degrowth network.

Hi, from revisiting this website, I have found that

  • the site is partly showing content from 2018, but also announcing and inviting for 2019 at the same time.
    There are 22 people subscribed to the blog of the site, but the blog is not activated or used. Can we get a list of these people, and invite them to a place where actual updates can be expected?
  • the site shows the map from 2018 at Picnic4Degrowth – Google My Maps , but despite its 4500 visits is empty.
    Did we keep a copy of last year’s event locations before deleting them, or was the map still without any data?
  • the organisers toolkit contains a nice methodology that is very hard to read.
    Are you planning to release a new organisers toolkit for 2019 and make it accessible somewhere?

These questions can also be interesting for the Next Meeting (Telco) of Activist Group.

@yala Bob sent to us (Jean, A&A) a list users of the picnic page. We plan to contact them as soon as we call for participation next week.
We have a screen print of 2018’s picnic and included it on our page, see
The new toolkit has been available since Christmas on our website, see

Thank you a lot for the pointers! Through that I have found interesting material from the last year, which is useful to understand in which direction your communicative intentions go.

  • The “German” map is another uMap, ready to be represented elsewhere.
  • The Google map has sixteen markers, but the page below lists fifteen events. Would anyone have an idea which one is missing; and is that information important enought to know/keep?
  • The content in the PDFs of the new toolkit could as such also be presented on a webpage with contextual layout around. The introduced medium breach makes the presented information harder accessible to search engines and users on mobile devices.
  • The summary PDF can also be read as what data journalists call a story map - a linearised narration of the distributed events that happened on the ground, told by a digital medium. With this in mind we can shape our interactive means of narration similarly.

It will be helpful for me to learn how you anticipate the different waves of reaching out to the publics, and when which kind of digital representation is needed to be ready.