Requirements for the "Karte von morgen" for the Global Degrowth Day

we heard that “Karte von morgen” will be used for degrowth realities soon. For the next year (2021) we wonder if we could use the same technology for the GDD. Therefore we want to list some “requirements” for this use case:

  • It would be good, if you are not forced to specify a city/region at the beginning (i.e. a holistic view on the world should be possible :slight_smile: ).
  • Only GDD events should be visible, i.e. no initiatives or enterprises should show up.
  • We need a simple but “normal” description field: Formatting (line breaks, bold, underline,…).
  • The map should be embeddible into
  • We need a new map (or a new layer) per year (we want to keep the old maps).

Hi, yes, let’s please continue requirements harvesting for the different waves of development.

The last iteration was documented in

Visit this pad.

My recent request went out to them at

If we derive new and updated requirements for the next iteration, I would love to collect them ultimately in