Scriptum Manchester: co-authors required for academic session

You need to enter name + email + abstract for at least 3 co-authors to validate your academic session submission.
Can we make it non-compulsory (optional) like for the activist and artistic ones?

@yala @mark.burton @mladen

@ponder Can you estimate the implementation effort for this request for us?

Nope. At least not with a lot of confidence. It could be that it is as easy as changing a rule in abilities.rb, but it also could be that there are other parts of the process that require co-authors to be present.


Thanks @ponder for your estimate.

@vliegey What do you think, how important is your request to put an extra effort into it? Are there resources from the Support Group that we can mobilise to ease new software development?

At this stage not, but it is up to Manchester local organizing committee to decide. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@yala @ponder
Hi, this issue just came up from a submitter. They say:
"I tried to submit a proposal and added all info but noted that it needed three names to be complete. We are just two behind this proposal.

Something I did not get right, and what to do now?"
This is something to change please if possible. That is, to lift the restriction on the number of names needed so it works like the other session types, as per original suggestion from @vliegey

Yes, already opened this issue.
Just tell him to add one more fake person to validate the submission.
@yala @ponder Is it it easy to solve?

As far as I remember, having at least three authors for an academic session was an initial design decision. @mladen might shed some light on the past of the process here.

I couldn’t find a technical issue in the software development platform, but I guess you meant that you started this conversation?

I’m not sure about the development effort needed, and need to consult @ponder for that.