Setting up a Degrowth Summer School UK website

I would now proceed with taking you through the process until you have a website.

Do you know who will maintain the website’s content?

I am also interested in knowing how you want it to look like. Can you give any examples, or instead choose from the ones suggested?

Then we can continue with finding a dedicated space and putting the information inside.

Please note: This could very well also be pretalx — CfP and scheduling for conferences, if you would like to test drive it with us?

Many many thanks Jon! I’m discussing these points with the team now, which is taking some time given most of us are based all over the place and interact virtually. I’ll get back to you asap! Thanks

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Thanks Oxana for keeping me in the loop. Please take all the time you need.

As I am always curious about online collaboration practices, could you share with us some details about how your group organises internally, in terms of software tools and communication channels used?

We’re using pretty common tools - a whatsapp group, a mailing list and a bunch of open source pads and google docs. But weekly calls have been most productive so far in terms of decision making. If there are any other tools you’ve found particularly useful for online collaboration, please let me know!

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Thanks for the insight. Did you also know, that we are publishing commons alternatives to the commercial infrastructures you mention at

There is

the two flagships

  • for collaborative file, contacts and calendar sharing, plus editing text and spreadsheet documents
  • for structured conversation, mapping, event publication and Markdown formatted writing

and smaller utilities

Would you like to try out some of those?

Great, thanks for the info! I’ll share with the team.

We should have a chat this friday about the website plans, hopefully will be able to decide something - will let you know then. Many thanks for your help!

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Hey Jon!
We created a little working group to deal with the website and other digital tasks, and scheduled our first call for 14 Jan 6 pm London time. Let me know if you’d like to join the chat.
Best wishes for the new year!

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Hi @Oxana, that would be a pleasure.

Then we could boild down your actual needs, and decide upon items for direct implementation. Good luck with all your prospects, too!


Awesome and thanks! I’ll send you the link closer to the date.

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Hi Jon! Here’s the link The call will be at 6 pm London time. Hope you can make it and looking forward to chatting with you!

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Hey Jon, could you please double-check the invitation to the ‘Summer School UK’ folder on the cloud you sent to me earlier? I can’t see it in my account. My user name is oxa. Maybe you created another profile when invited me? Thanks!

Hey Jon! Sorry for disturbing you again. The cloud is working perfectly now. The only problem is that it keeps sending email notifications every half an hour or so, I’ve already received about 100 emails from it with mostly the same notification. Is there any way to adjust the number of notifications? Thanks!

Also, I’m not sure if Emidio informed you, but he dropped out. We’re trying to find another person to set up the website. Thanks for your patience and support!

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Hi @yala. I’ll be doing the setup of the UK summer school website. I’ve built some sites on Wordpress in the past, so it would be great to use that again. Do you have a Wordpress hosting service that we could also use?

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Best people, sorry for being absent the last week. And thanks for tuning in @jbusch.

@Oxana I suspect the cloud notifications continue to arrive? We have a similar incident reported from another instance of the Software.

@jbusch Yes, we maintain WordPress farms and independent sites, depending on the needs. We might want to refurbish a farm for you, or launch a new independent instance.

For now we were talking to start collecting the content and its structure in a blog, so writing can start before actually building a design.

Would you also feel comfortable in templating with Handlebars and JavaScript for a Ghost theme, instead of a PHP design for WordPress?

@Oxana Please excuse I had abruptly quit the conversation without the voluntary delivery. Please find a login screen for the blog inviting you to register at

I hope the environment it offers is as self-explaining as possible. Please give notice, in case you have questions.

One might also take examples from my previous theme research for at help needed for "arts for degrowth" blog (#33) · Issues · degrowth / · GitLab


Thank you very much Jon!
The notifications stopped arriving after a couple of days.

Hi @Oxana Did you know that there is a UK degrowth network and website: Might be useful for publicising your summer school.

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Hi @mark.burton! Thank you, it would be great to share info about the summer school on the website once we’re ready to go public :slight_smile:
Do you manage the website, or, if not, maybe you know who we could get in touch with about this?

Yes @Oxana, it’s managed by me and Joe Herbert (Newcastle). So yes, just let me know. And do join the email list.

Hi @Oxana I am finding that the registration screen has disappeared and someone reclaimed that blog for themselves. Was it maybe you?

I’m especially interested, if email transmission is working from the system. If you need any assistance in setting up the content, please create an account for ecobytes and We can then request a new password, if necessary.

Hi @jbusch are you decided on WordPress, or would you like to give Ghost templating a try?

Theming with Handlebars, SCSS and JavaScript is really a breeze, in comparison to WordPress themes with PHP.