UK degowth summer school 2020: Leeds/Manchester

Hey Jon!

I’m part of the organising team of the UK degrowth summer school which is planned to take place in Leeds/Manchester next year right before the conference.

We’re now exploring our options for setting up a website. Could you please advise if scriptum could be used for creating a website that would allow for application submission or just a basic website with minimum functionality? Or are there any other technical tools at the disposal of the communication group that you maybe could share with us?

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Hi @Oxana,

thanks for contacting me. We are always able to help the degrowth community with computational services, thanks to the digital commons and regular financial support by the Support Group.

As references for basic websites, I can show you these examples for basic websites that we provide thorugh blogging engines: is maintained by @orschiro. Do you mind if I move this conversation to the public category #groups:communication to ping him, or may I add him to this conversation?

Else for submissions I am always eager to try out new approaches. Did you hear of yet? I’d be happy run such a system. I guess the regular conference platform would be a little to large for such a small event.

In the end, you are also invited to reclaim a space here between the and here.

Please note we can also offer for event registrations (both free and payments) based on

Please tell me what you think.


Hi Jon!!

Thanks a lot for the reply, this is wonderful! I’ve shared the info with the team, we gonna have a call on Monday and I’ll get back to you asap after. Feel free to make this convo public or add people.

Many thanks!

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Hi @orschiro,

could you imagine to share the website with this group from UK?

Please refer to this thread above in the Agora to find more details about their plans.

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Not sure I understand. Which group from the UK and why share summer school with them?

What’s the context?

Hi @orschiro,

this message is part of a conversation on This is why I wrote

There should be a link in the notification message that directs you to the conversation on the platform, which will include previous messages in this thread. You can also follow

to get here.

Many thanks for your effort to follow up here,


@Oxana how exactly can I help you with the summer school website? What do you need?

Access? Your content on that page?

Hey @orschiro! Thanks for getting back to me!
We need help with creating a website. Most likely just a basic one with info about the summer school, similar to the Barcelona summer school one. But if it’s feasible, we might also want to be able to accept payments through the website. It would be great to have the website running by around mid-January. Could the comms group help us out with this? Any help would be very much appreciated!

Personally I don’t have capacity because I’m on paternity leave.

Not sure about the others.

I see, thanks for the reply!

Hey Jon,
@orschiro is not available now to help us with the website due to paternity leave. Do you know who else in the comms group we should try and get in touch with? Thanks!

Please enjoy all time off-screen!

Best, would you agree to me guiding the UK summer school curators to add and restructure content on, or would you rather prefer a separate, independent website, like

@Oxana Let’s continue the conversation in these new spaces, so we do not need to continue to send @orschiro updates about our progress.

Thanks guys! Let me know if needed and I give you access to summer school website.