Municipal Degrowth

During the Vienna Degrowth conference the idea came up to form a Municipal Degrowth Working Group so the following channel on discord was created:

This thread here is started to collect ideas how to continue.
Please check if this forum suits your needs (if you want to post something, you have to register like described here: Discussion group for degrowth activists and practitioners ). If yes, we can arrange a new category/group for this working group (like the ones listed here:

Additionally we can offer a cloud for storing / working on documents / files together.

Let us know if you need any more information!


Hey y’all, I would propose using the agora forum! Please respond with a heart to this post, if you are in favor with this suggestion >> If there are several positive responses, I would like you @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi to open the new category/group for us. Thank a lot!

(I will add suggestions concerning the sub-themes in the next post)


To my mind, we need the following sub-themes… Please add your suggestions!

  • Introduction of working group members
  • Main purpose of the Working Group (contentwise)
  • Proposed outcomes (rather methodical)
  • Possible alliances (partner institutions etc)
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We created the category “municipal degrowth” for your working group:

You can/should now use this category for posts related to that topic :slight_smile:

Furthermore we created a group “municipal_degrowth”. The group is not strictly necessary, but it is useful to keep an overview of your members and you can message and mention the whole group via @municipal_degrowth.
You can join by pressing the “join” button here:
or here: Degrowth


Hi everyone and thanks again for creating this group @Anne_Arndt_Jacobi.
There was a lot of interest in the creation of such a research group, but for now, only five people have found their way into the group on agora/discourse.
Shall we email everyone who posted their address in the discord channel, so they can find their way to this forum and the group?
I also wonder if everyone who gave the initial post a :+1: gets a notification if someone posts a new reply … probably only if you give it a :heart:, right?

Hi Clemens, I think it would be a great idea to email all the ppl that were interested, maybe also an email list would work in the beginning? Still haven`t the feeling that I actually understand Agora :smiley:

I wrote an email to those who left theirs in the discord chat to join the group and this thread. :slight_smile:
I think it’s indeed nicer to use this forum (as it can do more than a mailing list) — I believe we can teach each other how to use it in a useful way. :nerd_face:
From what I understand, the group is mainly a way to keep different threads/topics (like those that Anton suggested) organised, a bit like a folder: Topics in Municipal Degrowth
@karen You might also find these short how tos helpful:

I think one issue is that the people who hit that :+1:-button don’t receive notifications about this topic … maybe @FranziH or @Julia_Hut can confirm (sorry to pick your names randomly, but these are the ones I can see when hovering). You become a “user” of a topic by replying (or possibly also by giving a heart) to the topic, which makes you receive notifications/e-mails about updates in the end.

Hope that helps somehow. :slight_smile:

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Hi @karen,
we just created this topic: When to use forum, mailing list or cloud?
If you have any questions regarding this, please answer on that thread.
If you have general questions how to use the forum, please don’t hesitate and create a new post in the category “How to”:

Hi @clemens.bln,

you are right: none of the icons - including the separate heart (this is special for “like”) - lead to email notifications for the one who presses the icon.
Only the author of the “liked post” gets an email notification (according to his/her preferences “Notify when liked” in the notifications section).
For general email notification see our new thread: How to set up your email notifications.

You probably meant that a category is like a folder. The concept of a group is related to addressing people or to controlling access to a category (as described here: Why and how to join a group)

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hi all :slight_smile:
true that - i didnt get any email notification… so now i joined the group and commented this thread - lets hope i will be kept updated through that :slight_smile: