Evaluation & Feedback

Hello, this is an open channel to collect thoughts on feedback and evaluation for the Global Degrowth Day 2019 for anyone.

It seems that people had fun and enjoyed the activities! For an overview please fill out the survey if you organized an event, it takes 30 secs only! https://degrowth.community/surveys/survey-global-degrowth-day-2019.

First impression: It seems that 49 events registered / took place, in the following countries:

Germany (17)
Italy (9)
Portugal (5)
USA (2)
Australia (2)
Salvador (1)
Brasil (1)
Canada (1)
Spain (1)
Austria (1)
Serbia (1)
Greece (1)
Blegium (1)
UK (1)
Netherlands (1)
Denmark (1)
Poland (1)
Estonia (1)
Sweden (1)

Best @Kristina,

thanks for offering a chance to leave a few remarks from our point of view at Ecobytes, the maintainer of degrowth.net.

We were very surprised to see how well the Agora had been used after letting it into self-moderation of the community (#report) to communicate the events around the #events:global-degrowth-day-2019. Indeed 50 events were registered here and were accessible through


Great job we did here; now we can learn how to better integrate the community produce (map, calendar) from this website into others, like degrowth.info, Fairbindung et al.

Enjoy the summer,


@yala thanks for the support all the time!
Maybe we could have a meeting to discuss some points we observed as users of the infrastructure.

Hi there, I have been offline for the last three months.

Would you still like to discuss some points here and there?

Please let me know!

Hi, @Yala,
yes, it would be nice to get together and discuss some points. A telco would probably be most efficient. What would be a good time for you? Should anyone else take part, e.g. @gandhiano?

This sounds good to me. Do you have any observations, that you can already share writtenly?

I’m also interested in seeing, where the Agora will go.

Did the experiment work out, or do we shut it down? I.e. we could learn how to use Groups more as in https://talk.incommon.cc/g to make them more inclusive.

Just a very quick summary of the main issues / findings:

  • Map:
    • it was great to have it, but the UI to place an event on the map was sometimes very difficult, when the plug in (PI) did not find the location/address. We had to use the following work around quite often: Find location on google maps, use nearest larger town that PI can find and enter exact address in the description…
    • the display of locations was not so nice: It was aggregated too much (only numbers visible)…
    • it was not possible to include the map directly on the degrowth website. We had to use the work around to make a screen shot regularily and link it to the original
  • Event maintenance: Around 50% of the 50 events were created by the event organizers themselves. The others sent an email, so we had to create the event for them.
  • There was not much communication triggered by the event posts.
  • In the list of events the location was missing. So we changed every title in order to include the city,…

We also asked for feedback - of the ones who managed to sign up in agora (see We want to improve - please help us!) as well as the ones who did not -, but did not receive any.

  • We used the next cloud extensively (e.g.manage different versions of flyers,…) and it helped us as lot.
  • For telcos we used Jitsi. Unfortunately this was not always stable (often at least one person could not join without problems, screen sharing did not work). But we did not find any good alternatives…
  • we identified a problem with staged users, see: Problems with replies to email posts
  • On degrowth.net we realized that the “learn” links are still missing :frowning:
  • Acts | degrowth.net looks weird to us. This site is referred on https://www.degrowth.info/en/get-involved/.
  • On the latter site the section 4) Interactive platforms refers to " Co-munity" twice, which is according to @gandhiano not used any more. Should this site point to the agora instead?

By the way: We already decided to organize the global degrowth day for 2020 again.

How shall we proceed to find a time slot for discussion?

Thank you for this exhaustive description of observations. We learn that the curation of a crowdsourced, tempospatial mapping requires special attention for onboarding, simple interfaces and reliable presentation. The categories that you introduce in the fourth point of your linked post capture this very well.

Additionally, I see that the collection of tools on degrowth.net needs to be better explained, as well as the articles written out fully in a human voice. There is not so much of a perpetual beta when talking to end user publics.

For finding a time slot, I guess it would be good to find out if at least @gandhiano and/or @jean would be available and up for a call. Also @vliegey might be interested, as much as the mapping is concerned.

@jean and me have used another communication channel to agree on a call about the mapping with a focus on map.degrowth.net on Oct. 24, 13:30.
@vliegey also expressed interest to join, if possible.

Would it suit our expectations to recombine these efforts?

Thanks. If you think it makes sense, we could participate in the call

We can discuss all not map related topics in another call with the three of us and @gandhiano ?
Will you let us know, how to participate in the mapping call?

For me in but I will prefer to speak before a bit only with you Jon.
Ciao jean

Okay, so let us do it separate then. Any preferred dates?

Just wanted to express that I agree with Anne and Arndt’s feedback. Even though a big part of the forum seems to be working, as it can combine those who prefer online visits and those who want to be updated by mail notifications… Cheers, K

@yala OK. Da aus der Aktivistengruppe sonst keiner teilnehmen möchte, schreiben wir jetzt auf Deutsch weiter :slight_smile:
Uns würde es morgens z.B. 10 Uhr gut passen. Wie wäre es gleich mit diesem Montag, 21.10.? Alternativ ginge für uns auch der 28.10.
@gandhiano Wie sieht es bei Dir aus? Hast Du Interesse und Zeit?

10 Uhr kann ich nie, da habe ich immer treffen bei meiner Arbeit. Es ist wahrscheinlicher, dass ich Mittwoch bis Freitag nachmittags teilnehmen kann.

@yala, @gandhiano: Wie sieht es dann bei euch am Mittwoch, 30.10. um 16 Uhr (fĂĽr ca. 1h) aus?

I think Wednesday Oct 30th at 16:00 will work for me. I have noted on my agenda, but can only fully confirm on next Monday.

@yala what about you?

Hallo @gandhiano & @yala,
wie sieht es jetzt bei euch für morgen aus? Wäre total nett, wenn ihr bald Bescheid gebt, ob ihr das Treffen machen wollt, weil wir sonst die Zeit nämlich anderweitig verplanen…

FĂĽr mich ist morgen um 16 Uhr ok

@gandhiano sehr schön! Von @yala haben wir zwar nichts gehört, aber von uns aus kann das Treffen trotzdem stattfinden. Nehmen wir den jitsi-link Jitsi Meet zum Telefonieren.
Dann bis 16 Uhr heute :slight_smile:
PS: Wir nehmen an, dass das Meeting max. 90 min dauert (wir haben abends noch einen anderen Termin)